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All applicants who want to obtain a flying licence are required by law to obtain a valid medical certificate appropriate to the class of medical certificate. Dr Tenzer is a Senior Designated Medical Examiner and thus authorized to perform and issue Class I, II, III and IV certificates.

About the Medical
The Aviation medical is aimed at finding any possible sources of the following:

  • Sudden Incapacitation
  • Severe pain -migraine, chest pain, kidney pain
  • Conditions affected by pressure/volume and oxygen changes at high altitude eg. Middle ear problems, hernia, untreated lung condition(asthma).
  • Conditions incompatible with flying, temporarily (recovery after surgery, infection)  or some with limitation after recovery e.g. after a Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT).

Application for CAA medical examination. Please e-mail completed application to stant@global.co.za

Frequently Asked Questions

Can any GP conduct an aviation and/or Occupational medical examinations?

A General Practitioner has limited experience and training to perform medical assessments in the work place. The Diploma in Occupation has to be completed for general workplace assessment, and the aviation medicals are only permitted to be performed by a trained Aviation Medical Examiner.

What are the classes for aviation?

There are 4 classes of Aviation Medicals

Class 1: (CPL) is in general for Commercial Pilots
Class 2: (PPL and Cc) relates to Private Pilots and Cabin Crew
Class 3: Air Traffic Controllers (ATC) and Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS)
Class 4: Non-commercial pilots – Hand-glider / Airship / Gyrocopter and microlight aeroplane pilots

Which tests are conducted?

Depending on the patient, the type of flying and other factors, batteries of tests are administered. These may include:

  • Electrocardiograms (Cardiac assessment)
  • Spirometry (Lung Function)
  • Audiometry (Hearing tests), Visual – eye tests
  • Blood Pressure, BMI assessment, Blood Glucose tests, Urine Dipstix and when necessary, drug testing.

What documentation do I need to bring with to the medical examination?

Photo ID ( ID ,Driver’s License or Passport) Chest X Ray – if first examination. Any medical reports requested after your last aviation medical if applicable (this will save you time). You will also be asked your Total Flying Hours and Hours Flown in the Past 6 Months Completed forms – available here

What happens with pre-existing medical conditions?

You do need to notify the DAME and the CAA of any old or  new condition you have, or new medication you’re placed on and not fly or perform  duties until you’re cleared by a DAME.

How long is my medical certificate valid for?

The Medical Certificate is valid for different time periods and the doctor will inform you of this.  This also depends on what class you have chosen, your age and other considerations.

Can I use my medical aid to pay for the Aviation Medical?

No, the Medical aid will probably not pay for your Aviation Medical, but usually will pay for the Chest X Ray, if on certain schemes.