Injury on Duty

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Over of the span of 35 year Dr Tenzer has attended to thousands of women and men injured in their workplaces. The types of injuries of duties (IOD) range from minor contusions to amputations of digits. Other injuries include removal of foreign bodies in the eyes and in the skin as a result of, for example, grinding metal. Burns, abrasions and lacerations are all in a days work. Patients are referred to a panel of varies specialists if and when necessary.

The types of industries services by Dr Tenzer include:

  • electronics manufacturing companies,
  • bus passenger and long haul truck companies
  • furniture manufacturers
  • heavy vehicle spring manufacturers
  • mining manufacturing enterprises
  • stationery distributors and dealers
  • panel-beaters and mechanical engineering companies.

Dr Tenzer assists employers in the IOD process from moment of injury, completion of documents to the finalisations of IOD claims with the Workmen’s Compensation Fund and other insurance companies.

We are affiliated to all the governmental IOD institutions, which include the WCA, RMA and FEM.  These entities cover most, if not all, injuries on duty in the economic sector of South Africa. Workers from other countries, for example, Zimbabwe or Malawi, with valid work permits are treated the same as South African citizens.

Dr Tenzer processes claims through Compsol, which is an IOD management and processing company.

The process of lodging a claim for an IOD is:

  • Company provides an accident report to Dr Tenzer
  • He examines the patient, assesses the injuries, provides a treatment plan and subsequent management thereof.
  • If necessary Dr Tenzer will refer the patient to a specialist, X-rays, MRI, occupational therapists etc.
  • Dr Tenzer will finalise the patient and return him/her to work.

Statutory form to be completed by the employer for IOD that form parts of the claim process can be found here.

Frequently Asked Questions

As an employer, is it mandatory to register with the Workers Compensation Fund?

As per the Department of Labour all employers must register with the Compensation Fund and pay an annual assessment fee. For the basic guide to Compensation Fund registration click here.

Do I get paid if I am injured on duty and booked off as a result thereof?

The Compensation Fund clearly stipulates the compensation to employees as a result of injury on duty.